The arts using four hands

When paintings enhance the works of an art moulder…

From 9th April 2024

Cartel :

The theme chosen for this year’s European Artistic Crafts Days was highly inspiring for the painter Judith Willame and myself. As we had previously done for my exhibition « Lignes de Vies » (“Life lines”) – showing her own hands in the process of painting – and our joint exhibition at the Brussels South Charleroi Airport « Voyages en Arts » (“Travelling through the arts”), we decided to join hands –our four hands – and work together again, following the European Artistic Crafts Days. Paintings enhance art mouldings.

1- a first artistic communion occurred, enhancing my work « La chiromancie au bout des doigts » (“Palmistry at your fingertips”) inspired by “The Fortune Teller” by Caravaggio.

2- a second painting enhances « La Nef » (“The Nave”), my latest work which pays homage to « La Cathédrale » (“The Cathedral”) by Rodin, and also to the current “rebuilders” of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

3- a third work by Judith enhances « L’Amour au bout des doigts » (“Love at one’s fingertips”), inspired by emojis, and pays tribute to French sign language (Langue des Signes française – LSF).

4- several paintings further enhance my work entitled « index lumineux » (index whose tip is lit by a light-emitting diode), inspired by the painting “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo.

5- finally, several other paintings enhance my work entitled « Les yeux au bout des index » (“Eyes at one’s fingertips”, referring to reading using Braille) which pays tribute to Louis Braille and in which the non-profit organisation « Les doigts qui rêvent » (“Fingers full of dreams”) – 11 bis, rue des Novalles BP 93 21240 Talant) – took part.

You may visit our exhibition by appointment. We hope to see you soon.