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A pleasant place to be where Creation is a constant joy

Good vibes run through it
From enjoyment to creation

My workshop is located in Boussois, in the Hauts-de-France area, to the south-east of the north of France (département du Nord).

This town has a rich glass industrial past; the first letter of the historic BSN (Boussois – Souchon – Neveusel) group led by Mr Antoine Riboud stands for “Boussois”.

I wanted my workshop to be modest, but welcoming, combining a “vintage” space with a workshop dedicated to modelling and moulding, but also to woodwork.

Museum dedicated to the glass industrial past of Boussois
Nature reserve of the Avesnois area

A wide range
of works:

Art moulding

of single hands, that of couples, of professionals, using a “simple” table-top technique in high relief (3/4)

Art moulding
of hands
in 3 D

of single hands, that of couples, with a modelled forearm for a more “elevated” rendering

Art moulding

of single hands, that of couples, of family members, of work groups including up to eight hands, with a high relief (3/4) rendering enhanced by a shadow-box frame

Hand molding art of

Sportsmen, craftsmen, artists, with the final staging postures.

and creation

of trophies,

Customised stands inspired by the hands.
Couples, sports, artists, etc…
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