My values

Sharing, transmission, creation


“The mind begins and ends at one’s fingertips”
Paul Valéry

Every meeting is unique
and you are unique!

I like to meet people from different walks of life. These encounters allow us to enrich each other intellectually by sharing experiences, values and know-how.
This sharing allows us to design a meaningful object. Of course, to do this, you need a good human connection.


The impression of your hand, for now
and the future…

Your hands, as well as being “the continuation of the soul” as the writer Elena Bernadé put it, are also the continuation of your values, know-how, accomplishments, life or company style of management – word taken from Italian, based on the Latin word “manus” (hand) and the old French word “mesnager” (guiding a horse by holding its reins).

Your hands alone summarise a life path.

The creation of an object mixing beauty and poetry also enables the continuation of yourself for future generations. Furthermore, the object unites and celebrates, especially in the present, a family, a work team, a couple, a person, a family or team spirit following an accomplishment.


A creative spark which triggers
others when shared…

When sharing and transmission meet, creativity takes shape.
I take much pleasure in creating a new, beautiful object which makes sense to me, but especially to you, recipient of the object.

The creation of a unique object is always a challenge which takes time in a society which seems to no longer take the time…

Thus, I devote time to this creative activity from our very first meeting to the handing-over of your creation.