palm lines

merge with those of Mother Nature

Art moulding and modelling:
An evolution.

A native of the Sambre-Avesnois area in the north of France, I have always enjoyed manual work. I therefore chose to follow this path early on. After a long professional experience caring for people in dentistry, my taste for creation got the better of me, in the form of a workshop. After all, from dental art to art moulding, there is but a step… or a hand!

I have always been fascinated by precise postures and the skill of the hands of carers, journeymen, artists, musicians, sportspeople, pilots, but also, simply, of people who love each other and hold each other’s hands affectionately.

are the continuation
of the soul”

Eléna Bernabé

My expertise with materials used for physical impressions, my taste for aesthetics and my sensitivity in freezing an emotion, a posture within an impression took me one step further.
Following an initial prototyping stage, I create beautiful objects to which you can treat yourself or others. Thanks to bespoke moulds, I was able to create three-dimensional works able to hold instruments, as well as works in high relief (3/4).

" La main est l'instrument des instruments" : Aristote
"L esprit commence et finit au bout des doigts" : Paul Valéry

“He who is able to experience passion
can inspire it”

Marcel Pagnol

The hands of a person, a couple, family members, a company head or a work team, having been obtained through moulding, are further enhanced by the work of fellow artists, a wood specialist and frame-maker, a stone carver and a glass expert.
“Creativity is Intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein wrote. With immense humility in relation to this figure, in each of my works, I realise that each hand holds social skills, expertise and its own unique language, not to mention sign language.


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My partners in the process of creation

In order to offer quality work, and because an artist cannot master everything,
I call upon other passionate professionals so as to give life to a noble object towards which each contributor adds a personal touch.

English spoken (not all fluency)