Radio Club 107.5 FM : “One day, I shall be…”

Another beautiful shared experience occurred on the radio programme hosted by Manon on Tuesday, 12th March 2023 –


I talk about my profession, also mentioning casting and modelling in the industrial field (mould casters or makers), in French architecture, in restoration, in museography and in interior decoration (moulders, plasterers and stuccoists). I then explain how Art came to me in the context of a career change.

I briefly go through various training programmes offered and mention the European Artistic Crafts Days, thereby inviting young people and their parents to come and meet all the professionals.

Intitulé de Radio Club 105.7 FM :

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Thanks to this programme which aims to open up new doors for you and inspire you, you will be able to discover new trades, professions you may or may not know, how to get started, which possible hurdles you may come across, but also which benefits, job openings and future prospects there may be.