Travelling through the arts

 Cartel :

« Voyages en Arts »: Welcome aboard!

Thanks to this artistic voyage “between heaven and earth”, you will discover something new.
During this sensory journey, the seven elements of Art and your five senses will be alert.

Before take-off, the captain will welcome you with a warm yet professional handshake. Against a sky-blue backdrop, he will introduce you to the core values which unite the various teams working at Brussels South Charleroi Airport: Respect, Commitment and Trust. Whether offered on the ground or in the air, a service is orchestrated for top-notch quality with sound human values. In this space dedicated to the “Air”, Bernard, a flight instructor, explains how skills and the passion and dream of flying are passed on.

This generates trust from passengers under the watchful eye of the air traffic controllers.
“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”
Captain Antoine de Saint Exupéry

« Madame rêve » song by Alain Bashung (“Madam dreams” [of a better world in a world which has lost its magnetic north]) Judith Willame measures out, with precise gestures, each ingredient which contributes towards her rich and colourful palette. Her hypersensitivity, her benevolence, her sharp eye have shaped, through her many voyages, a universal language which one interprets according to one’s own sensitivity.
The precision of artist Pascal Dutremée complements her work naturally, tolerantly and professionally.
We take your hand and invite you to follow us on an imaginary voyage.
Within this dedicated space, your childhood memories and emotions will come back to you, triggered in the way described as “Proust’s madeleine” (« la madeleine de Proust »).

Art conveys powerful messages such as that of safeguarding Peace. Our participative work magnifies Peace which is so fragile, but “the only battle worth waging” (Albert Camus).
Moreover, the merging of our two artistic spheres conveys a powerful message of Hope, as “what gives meaning to one’s very existence is Hope” (Jean d’Ormesson, member of the Académie française).

The captain as well as all the members of the airline “Line, Colour, Shape, Form, Value, Space and Texture” crew wish you a pleasant flight.

Thank you for choosing « Voyages en Arts » from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Judith & Pascal

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“Madame rêve” : Alain Bashung