The ExCentric association, a community art gallery, well worth a visit in Maubeuge (in the north of France)

The community art gallery ExCentric is a shared space where artistic talents can be expressed and various manual activities can be done. It is a place where people like to exchange and togetherness is felt. That is why I decided, with great pleasure, to exhibit and showcase my know-how there.

It is also an opportunity for me to showcase the skills acquired by other artists and in other artistic professions, thanks to “participative” works which one could qualify, without rhyme or reason, as “hand games… creation games”.

Artists’ hands are their main work tools full of precise, skilful gestures which lead to the creation of their own works of art.

As an artist, my mission is to “freeze” in great detail, one of their most beautiful gestures, on their favourite material which has often won their heart, sometimes ancestral gestures acquired over many a year alongside their seniors.

Thank you to you, associate artists, and the team of ExCentric.

Article from La Voix du Nord, published on 9th December 2023