38th Food Festival (Festival gastronomique) in Grasse

Eager to have a website for my workshop, in line with my values and my artistic journey, I contacted Cédric from the Studio Kastle agency in Nice, on the recommendation of a member of my family, which proved to be another great encounter. During the preliminary stages of graphic design and content creation, a true appreciation of each other’s artistic talents was revealed. I also greatly valued Cédric’s input on my work, highly encouraging for me.

Our encounter led to yet another, as I then met Valérie from the magazine Vins et Gastronomie in Nice, who had heard about my work through Cédric who demonstrated much benevolence towards me. Valérie invited me to exhibit my work at the 38th Food Festival in Grasse, at the Bastide Saint Antoine, under the two-hundred-year-old olive trees of the starred chef Jacques Chibois, on 11th June [2023].

This challenge, which took place away from home, greatly inspired me. Thereafter, I decided to showcase the gestures of famous chefs plating up or serving a glass of wine or champagne to a diner.

This town renowned for its fragrances, Art and History furthermore inspired me to cast the hands of a “nose” who creates new fragrances.

And to honour the above-mentioned magazine which has been supporting French excellence in food and wine, and « art de vivre», throughout the world since 1985, I decided to create a work from a magnum wine case lit by the red, white and blue colours of the French flag, with the gold-coloured hands of men and women of knowledge surrounding a revolving globe.

This first exhibition, far from my native Avesnois, was an immense challenge for me. This experience was a success and I took great pleasure in showcasing these highly gifted men and women thanks to whom our food culture and our « art de vivre» is highly reputed worldwide.

On the photos, you will see my work for Vins et Gastronomie and part of my exhibition table amidst those of other partners that evening.

Wonderful memories! Many thanks to Cédric, Valérie and the team from the Bastide Saint Antoine.

Link : Article from Vins & Gastronomie